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Life With The Lacy's

I am sure you are wondering who we are and where we came from. Well let me put your mind to ease. We are the Lacy Family and we are kind, loving, goofy, determined people! We love hard and work harder but we must have balance in life. We want to let you take a peek at who we are!

I have thought long and hard about the name and the content I want to put onto our blog/vlog. We want this to be a family venture due to the events in our lives and how it is in our household. Of course there are many other families doing the same thing but they are not us! Meet the Lacy Family....... Fredrick, CEO of Mr. Debonair Lacy, Cortney, CEO of LacMe Marketing And Designs, and Isabella, the miracle baby who has made our family complete! We cant wait to share all of our stories, adventures, pictures, and videos with you all. We hope you all have an amazing week. We will see you soon!

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