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What do you look for in a leader?

When you think of leadership you think of many things. Most people have such a bad experience with leadership that they have now fallen into those same negative traits. Why is that I wonder? Why is it that the thing we don’t like the most are some of the very things we end up doing???

What are some great traits for a leader to have? They should be compassionate, caring, understanding, and dependable. A good leader always does what they expect those under them to do! Most leaders you will see cleaning bathrooms, bussing tables, seating hues, and in the kitchen helping where there is a need.

You should show empathy when things come about in your employees lives. If they call out, do you check on them to see if they are ok or do you just assume that they are lying and just want a day off? Do you expect your staff to do things that you will not do yourself? How is that fair to who works under you? We live in a world now that is different from how most of us grew up! Tough love for them can now cause anxiety and depression so compassion and understanding is always the route to go. Now you know when someone is lying and has habitual habits of being late or calling in so by no means am I suggesting to “over look” what you know is going on.

If you take care of them, they will definitely take care of you!!!

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Be the leader that you always wished you had worked for!

Cortney Lacy
Cortney Lacy
29 ต.ค. 2565

Absolutely! I couldn’t stand working for a lazy boss!!! I said I would never be that type of boss and I strive for to be the best boss ever one day!

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